What is the best age to have a newborn session?
All the babies in our newborn gallery are under three weeks of age, with a majority photographed within the first two weeks after birth. The younger the baby, the more likelyhood for a successful session. Once they turn three weeks or older, the babies become too alert and too responsive to stimuli to tolerate those curled up sleeping poses.

Do I need to bring my own props?
We have everything you need in our studio. All the setups, props, stuffed animals and baby clothing (diaper covers, knitted hats, tutus, blankets, etc.) are available for all sessions. We also have a full selection of antique dresses for our classic setups, for children aged toddler to seven. Upon visiting the studio, the artist will carefully select props and poses to create elegant images that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

How long is my time in the studio?
All studio sessions are a minimum of two hours, with newborn sessions being a minimum of three hours. This gives us ample time for set changes and clothing changes, as well as snacks, bottle feedings, etc. Our studio is completely private, and is open by appointment only.
Mini sessions are also available upon request, and are usually resevered for holiday sessions.

How far in advance do I need to make my appointment?
It really depends on the type of appointment.
If you are looking to do your child's Communion pictures on the same day as their church ceremony, you need to schedule your session a year in advance. On location sessions are only available in the early a.m. or an hour before sunset on open days, so those are best scheduled at least two months in advance.
We only do one newborn session on any given day, so we suggest you make your appointment before the baby is born, and then just confirm the date after the delivery.

When should I book my holiday appointments?
In order to get the best date and time that suits your family, we suggest you make your appointment sometime in August. Usually we are completely booked for the holidays by the middle of October.

What happens after my photo session?
After your sitting, you will receive a printed version of out packages to take home with you. When you have a good idea what investment you'd like to make on your portraits, we schedule a your viewing appointment, where you will complete your final purchase. All orders are done by in studio viewing, unless your session was done on location, or you prepay one of our packages. Then you can have the option of an online gallery, though we prefer you come back and sit with us so we can help you make the best choices for your wall art.

What does an on location session entail?
An on location session is a minimum of two hours at the location of your choice, and can either include your immediate family or extended family (for an additional charge). With this session, you can choose to place your portrait order in the studio, or have your session presented in an password protected online gallery. This  gives each family member the opportunity to review the session in the comfort of their own home.

What is the cost of a portrait session?
All session and print pricing is available upon request, and is included in the information you'll receive during your initial phone consulatation.

Do I get a disc with my session?
We do not offer any high or low resolution digital files with our sessions. After your order is complete, we will gift you a few images for your Facebook page with our watermark upon request.